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Our Mission is to Initiate Girls in their Wisdom and Power to Succeed and Thrive.

Our mission weaves education, empowerment and entrepreneurship so girls emerge stronger and happier in pursuit of their dreams.


Our Vision is for All Girls to Be

Healthy, Safe and Wise

Niñas Sabias Mission - Vision
Niñas Sabias Mission - Vision


Our top-line programmatic goals are to end the cycle of period poverty and period stigma, to increase body and cycle literacy among menstruating girls, to provide locally manufactured eco friendly menstrual kits, and thus; empower girls through knowledge and skills for self-efficacy and increased agency over their development, health, and wellbeing.



Through growing awareness about how poor menstrual hygiene and management affects girls education performance and school attendance, and through community funding, the 1st Days for Girls team in Mexico was formed. Days for Girls Lake Chapala Mexico Team began distributing menstrual kits sewn by local volunteers and launched a 10-hour menstrual education program developed by Hana Figueroa, called Fluye that started knocking the doors of the Lake Chapala schools.

Niñas Sabias 2017

In the first two years, 1000 girls from different elementary and high schools had benefited from this 10-hour menstrual education and body literacy program delivered in Lakeside Chapala. The project was a huge success!

Niñas Sabias 2019
Niñas Sabias 2020

For three years the original DFG teaching curriculum and was enriched by real experience with our Lakeside girls, and that is how Hana was able to develop the Wise Girls Workshop. During the lockdown, this methodology was formalized and Hana began teaching it online.

The Wise Girls model started to take form. The model included certifying local woman to teach the program and creating or partnering with local micro-enterprises to manufacture reusable menstrual pads suited for young girls.

Niñas Sabias 2021
2021 - 2023

Four on-line Wise Girls Teacher Trainings were conducted and 100 Spanish-speaking women from 13 countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico, USA and Peru) are certified as Wise Girls Teachers. Many of them have taught, are teaching or are preparing to teach the WGW where they live.

Between 2021 and 2023 the Wise Girls model was replicated and through training and certifying Wise Girls Teachers to create local and regional impact the Niñas Sabias Projects began to flourish: Wise Girls Costa Rica, Wise Girls San Miguel de Allende, and Wise Girls Lake Chapala. In 2023, Wise Girls Jalisco was formed as well.

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Wise Girls San Miguel de Allende

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Wise Girls Costa Rica

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Wise Girls Lake Chapala

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Wise Girls Jalisco

Also, in 2023 we have become an A.C., which means we are a legal non-profit.

With this huge step we have established in an official headquarters which is Niñas Sabias office in San Juan Cosalá, in Lakeside Mexico.

Niñas Sabias has now an operating team conformed by Hana Figueroa, Program Director and Carlota Palacios, General Assistant; and a volunteer leadership circle called the WiseNet which guides the organization towards its goals

Niñas Sabias Hana y Carlota

Hana and Carlota

Board and Leadership Circle

Niñas Sabias A.C is a registered non-profit with a Board conformed by a President: Bertha Sánchez, a Secretary: Hana Figueroa, and a Treasurer: Magui Merino.

Click here to see the bios of our Board Members
Niñas Sabias Wise Net

WiseNet is a strong circle of caring women empowering girls to succeed and participate in life. Its goal is to ensure Niñas Sabias reaches its potential to educate girls and young women to embrace their souls and cycles. To feel safe and secure in school and society.

The Wise Net is Niñas Sabias' main sustaining force. It is the first community- based circle around the operational realm of the organization. If the girls at the center are the heart of Niñas Sabias, the WiseNet is the energy that keeps the blood pumping, and the guidance to make Niñas Sabias grow and expand.

Niñas Sabias Wise Net

WiseNet members become leaders in different areas including developing initiatives to secure funding, creating community awareness, igniting interest for Niñas Sabias mission, advocating for girls, and help plan for the future of this promising organization.

If you have interest in joining a dynamic group of women who want to bring expertise, knowledge, talent, and potentiality to Niñas Sabias please contact Susana Greenberg

We are waiting for you!


Niñas Sabias Toallas

Niñas Sabias has trained a small women’s enterprise in San Miguel Cuyutlán, to manufacture the Niñas Sabias Kits for the Niñas Sabias projects.

For our program in Lake Chapala, we have a sewing group of enthusiastic volunteers who sew the container and transport bags that reduces the kits cost significantly.

There are two micro enterprises and one women’s project that manufacture the kits in Costa Rica and partner with Niñas Sabias to distribute these kits to girls in every workshop: Tarde de Telas y Te, in San José; Incá^ in the Boruca indigenous territory; and Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundations ́s Four Heart Arts that make the kits container bags and transport bags.

Niñas Sabias Toallas


Niñas Sabias / Wise Girls invites partnerships that share our vision and can support the realization of our organizational goals.


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